• ▼ What are your business hours?

    We’re open Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm ET, but we close for major holidays.

  • ▼ Where is your office located?

    Our office is located in Brooklyn, NY at 4216 Avenue S. If you’re interested in picking up an order you are welcome to stop by Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm ET. We can also deliver your order anywhere within a 45 mile radius of Brooklyn or ship your order via UPS.

  • ▼ Do you print height by width (H x W) or width by height (W x H)?

    We always measure width by height (W x H). Please ensure that your requests list the width first, followed by the height, as this is how we design and print all work.

  • ▼ What is the best file type to send?

    We request that any artwork or images be submitted in the highest resolution, at least 300 DPI. Photographs can be submitted as JPG’s, but please ensure they are the largest versions you have available.

    We prefer design work to be submitted as a vector-based file type. PDF’s are the most common file format we receive although any vector-based format would do, including AI and EPS files. Files saved as JPG, PNG or Gif formats can sometimes be used, but they run the risk of causing quality issues.

    If you are unsure of the quality of your artwork, send us your file for review. We will let you know if any artwork included with your order is too low of quality during the proofing stages.

  • ▼ I already have my artwork, can you print it for me?

    Yes, we print camera-ready work for our customers all the time. Ensure that the file is high resolution, at least 300 DPI and is preferably saved as a PDF, AI or EPS. If the design is to be printed with a full bleed, please include crop marks and a quarter inch bleed. You can email your artwork to sales@dynamicadvertising.biz with further instructions.

  • ▼ Is the quality of my file good enough for printing?

    The high the quality of the image, the better it will print. We recommend a resolution of at least 300 DPI for any artwork that will be printed. Anything less than 300 may result in a blurry or pixilated print. We can review your artwork and will let you know if a high quality image is required during the proofing stages.

    If you are using an image from the internet, please be aware that most of the time these are too low quality for printing, since computer screen displays only require a resolution of 72 DPI - printing requires 300 DPI!

    We also provide Digital Photography services for our customers and can come directly to you and take high resolution photographs of your products for your use.

  • ▼ What is a vector file?

    A vector is a computer-made image that is made up of shapes, lines, points, and curves which are all based on mathematical expressions. The benefit of vectors is that they are scalable, which means they maintain their quality no matter what size they are, which makes them better for large-format printing. The most common vector-based filed extensions include AI, EPS, CDR and PDF.  Please note that CDR (CorelDraw) files must be saved as PDFs for our use.

  • ▼ What is a raster file?

    A raster is an image that is composed of tiny little colored squares, called pixels. If you’ve ever blown up a small image and noticed a blurry or jagged edge, this is the result of pixels. The pixel count along with the size of the design created determines the resolution. The higher the pixel count, the higher the resolution and the better the printing quality. The most common raster-based file extensions include JPG, PNG and PSD.

  • ▼ What file types do you accept?

    The most common file type we receive is PDF. For design work we prefer vector-based files. At Dynamic we work in the Adobe Creative Suite and can work with AI, EPS, PDF and INDD files. These vector-based file types print the best at any size, but are essential for large-format printing. For photographs, JPG is the most common file type. However, please ensure that the image is a high resolution image, at least 300 DPI.

  • ▼ Can I have a proof of my order?

    Absolutely! We provide art proofs of the initial design and every revision thereafter to ensure customer satisfaction. We will also send you a final proof prior to printing for final approval. If at any point during the design and printing process you would like another proof, simply email us at sales@dynamicadvertising.biz.

  • ▼ Do you charge sales tax?

    All products shipped out of state are non-taxable. Resale products are non-taxable, provided with the proper documentation. Products distributed to the public are non-taxable.  Signs and advertising material that is not distributed directly to the public are taxable within the state of New York.

  • ▼ How much is shipping?

    At Dynamic we ship through UPS. Shipping rates will vary based on weight and distance, as well as service type. For a shipping estimate contact us  or visit www.ups.com.

    Keep in mind that we can also hand deliver anywhere within a 45 mile radius of Brooklyn or you can pick up your order from our office in Brooklyn, located at 4216 Avenue S, anytime Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm ET. Delivery options do incur an additional fee, pick up is absolutely free.

  • ▼ Can I get a receipt or invoice?

    Absolutely! We provide you with an invoice upon completion of your order. It can be printed, faxed, emailed or texted to you.  If you need a new copy feel free to email us at sales@dynamicadvertising.biz.

  • ▼ What shipping methods do you offer?

    We can ship our products anywhere in the country via UPS, securely packaged to ensure no damage while en route. We can also hand deliver anywhere within a 45 mile radius of Brooklyn as well. You are also welcome to pick up your order from our office in Brooklyn, located at 4216 Avenue S (corner of Flatbush Avenue), anytime Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm ET. Shipping and delivery options do incur an additional cost, pick up is absolutely free. For delivery estimate contact us.

  • ▼ Can my order be rushed?

    Most projects can be rushed; however this will depend on a case by case basis, since no two projects are the same.

  • ▼ What is your turnaround time?

    The amount of time until completion can vary depending on the quantity and type of work. Sign orders can be completed within a day, whereas circulars can take up to a week to design, proof, print and deliver. For more information about a specific type of project feel free to contact us.

  • ▼ What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Cash, Certified Check and PayPal Credit Card payments.

  • ▼ What happens with my personal information?

    To view what information we collect from you, please view our privacy policy.

  • ▼ What is your return policy?

    Since all of our work is custom printed, we do not offer returns or exchanges.

    We are not responsible for customer design errors, including but not limited to: misspelling, punctuation, grammatical errors, phone number or email address errors, or low resolution images. We ask that all customers thoroughly review all proofs before approving to avoid such errors.

    We are not responsible for time-sensitive products that arrive after the estimated shipping date. We ask that all customers allow adequate time for shipments to arrive. If needed, request that your order be “Rush” shipped. We highly recommend that you allow products to arrive at least one day before any event they are needed for.

    If your order was damaged due to shipping or you are not satisfied with your order, please email us at sales@dynamicadvertising.biz. Be sure to include all information regarding dissatisfaction and pictures of damaged items. Requests will be addressed and resolved on a case by case basis.

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