• ▼ Website Creation & Management

    Our in-house web developer and designer can create a customized and fully functional website for you based on your needs, which will be addressed during the consultation process.  You will be briefed regularly throughout the design process for proofing and review, ensuring that the website meets your requirements. We will also regularly test its functionality on multiple web browsers (IE, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to make sure there will be no glitches once the site is live. All graphics and content will be customized and designed exclusively for your use.

      Once the site is live we can manage all future content changes and additions for you, which includes designing any new graphics you’d like to incorporate. We will also regularly monitor its activities and functionality, ensuring optimum performance.

  • ▼ Social Media Management

    Based on your needs we can determine which social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will attract the most attention to your business, in-store and online. From there we can set up the accounts and link them to your website and even to each other. We can design content and graphics as needed and monitor their activity.  We can even assist in communicating with customers through the various platforms, attracting more attention and interest to your business.

  • ▼ Email Marketing

    We can incorporate a feature on your website encouraging your customers to subscribe to an e-club to receive regular updates about your sales, promotions and events right in their inbox.  We’ll get you set up with an account and the address collection feature, you tell us what you want to advertise and when, and we’ll create the graphics and send them out, as often as you like.

  • ▼ Content Design for Web

    Besides customizing and designing graphics and content for websites we build for our customers ourselves, we can do the same for your existing site as well.  We can create digital graphics to your specifications, formatted properly and saved in a web-friendly file type so it’s ready to upload by yourself or your web developer.

  • ▼ Content Design for Print

    We can design customized graphics for all printed projects we do for our customers. If you want your signs to have a specific look and feel or incorporate your business’s personal identity, we can do that.  If you need a sign but aren’t sure how you want it to look, let our design team guide the way. We’ll email you proofs regularly to ensure the message is just what you want.  We’ll also store the files in our system in case you ever need a reprint.

  • ▼ Printing

    We have listed the most common products requested by clients, although we have done all sorts of projects for our customers, including stickers, buttons, labels and window decals - just to name a few. If something you are interested in is not listed please feel free to contact us with inquiries. We’d love to help you with your next project.


    • ▼ Signs

      We can print signs in a variety of sizes, big and small, in full color on our in-house large format printers on regular coated or photo gloss paper.  Signs are printed single-sided, but can be duplicated and adhered together to create a double-sided image. Most signs can be mounted to foamcore for extra stability or laminated for long-lasting durability. The turnaround time for signs is very quick, and depending on the quantity can be as little as a few hours.

    • ▼ Circulars

      Circulars are printed double-sided in full color with a variety of layout options and page numbers. They are designed in-house with your specific products and price points. Circulars can be printed on newsprint with a matte or glossy finish. There is a minimum order of 10,000 pieces required for circular orders.

    • ▼ Banners

      Banners are printed single-sided in full color in a variety of sizes. They can be printed on lightweight regular coated or photo gloss paper for indoor use or a heavyweight and durable vinyl with UV ink for outdoor use, which can be grommeted for secure and easy hanging.

    • ▼ Flyers

      Flyers can be double-sided or single-sided and printed in all sorts of sizes. Regular coated paper comes in a variety of thicknesses and is lightweight. Coated cardstock is a heavier material that is also offered in a range of thicknesses. Most flyer sizes can be printed with a full bleed (artwork goes to the edge).

    • ▼ Mailers

      Mailers are double-sided full color pieces printed on a heavier coated cardstock, which is offered in various thicknesses. These can be done in a variety of sizes, only requiring an allotted space for mailing information.

    • ▼ Menus & Brochures

      Brochures are printed double-sided in full color and menus can be printed single or double-sided. Both are printed on a lightweight coated paper in varying thicknesses, ideal for folding. These can come in a variety of sizes and typically have a bifold or trifold, although a wide range of folds can be accommodated. We also offer saddle stitching -or stapling- to bind brochures with numerous pages. Menus can also be laminated for long-lasting durability.


    • ▼ Business Cards

      Business cards can be single or double-sided and are printed in full color with a full bleed (artwork goes to the edge) on a coated paper of varying thicknesses. A standard business card is 3”W x 2.5”H, although other sizes can be accommodated. There is a minimum order of 1.000 pieces required for business card orders.

  • ▼ Printing Customer Supplied Artwork

    We understand that some of our customers have already designed their work and just need someone with right printing equipment, and we’re here to help. Customers providing their own artwork are offered all the same printing options listed above. We only require that the artwork and images be high resolution (at least 300 DPI). PDF’s are the most common file type we receive for these jobs, although any vector-based file will do, including AI and EPS files. Files saved as JPG, PNG or GIF formats can sometimes be used, but they run the risk of causing quality issues. If you are unsure of the quality, send us your file for review.

  • ▼ Digital Photography & Retouching

    If your project requires photos of products or imagery that you don’t have yourself, our experienced photographer can come directly to you and take high resolution digital photos to use for your print advertising or website. Our staff can also provide photo editing and retouching services, ensuring you get the best quality imagery for your project.

  • ▼ Distribution

    We offer several different distribution services to meet your business’s needs. Circulars , flyers, brochures and menus can be distributed straight to the customer’s home in your local area with Door-to-Door distribution. They can also be handed out in areas of high foot traffic by our Street Intercept team. Every Door Direct Mail™ is also available for our mailers, sent direct to your customer’s mailbox via USPS. Contact us today to discuss all the options available with distribution.

  • ▼ Shipping & Delivery

    We offer shipping anywhere in the country via UPS, securely packaged to ensure no damage while en route. We can deliver materials anywhere within a 45 mile radius of Brooklyn as well. You are also welcome to pick up your orders from our office in Brooklyn, located at 4216 Avenue S, anytime Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm. Please keep in mind that some orders can be large and bulky depending on quantity, so be sure you have the proper vehicle. Shipping and delivery options do incur an additional fee, pick up is absolutely free.

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